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Mapping World Crises As They Happen

Mapping world crises as they happen

This is a site which attempts to document world crises as they happen in real time through the use of RSS feeds, news stories, blogs, searches etc.

During a crisis or disaster much of the early information is reported by news people on the ground who have converged near to the event. Some of this information subsequently changes - either because it has been found to be inaccurate or because there are reasons why it is not expedient to leave it published on the web. Those following Fukushima have found this happening, particularly when the record of events needs to be changed.

The ongoing Fukushima disaster is a good example of why this website is sorely needed. There are many individual websites which have sprung up as people have become interested in the situation and these websites have evolved over the course of the disaster to become beacons of light within the dark sea of disinformation which is surrounding this event. There are a few blogs and forums which have covered the event since the start, one of which is in the AboveTopSecret Crisis in Japan forum. Japan declares "nuclear emergency" after quake and is currently running at more than 1400 pages and a second thread now up to

As soon as a disaster happens the authorities and organisations involved scramble their "Damage Limitation Squad" to limit the damage done to the industry sector. We saw this happen with the BP Gulf Oil Spill and now there are few records of what happened in the early days of the event left on the internet.

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